About Chris Lee and Rusty’s team

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Chris Lee and Rusty’s Team was founded in 2015 after Rusty Dockery merged his Team with Chris Lee.  Together they have over 49 years of Real Estate experience in West Alabama.  Rusty began selling real estate in 1985 and Chris Lee started in 2001. Rusty approached Chris with the idea of a merger to ensure that going forward his clients would have the level of service that he had provided over the years and felt that the way Chris took care of clients and marketed property would go well in blending his proven traditional real estate practices with Chris’s more modern approach.  As roles have developed Chris has become the Team Leader and Rusty is our Team Advisor/Consultant.

A client’s goal is our number one priority. So many in our industry don’t think of it as such. They are in this business for the ‘sale.’ A transaction. A number. A commission. That has never been okay with us. Client first is our mission statement. We have hand selected team members who have the same client centered philosophy as we do. The team approach is the way we handle all transactions, we have daily meetings to ensure we stay up to date on all transactions so if you are unable to reach one of us the other can assist you. We feel that this approach leads to a smoother transaction for all parties involved.

Our focus is on technology, but not for for technology sake. We love good tech for its’ power to amplify our ability to take care of and serve our clients. Technology can be used as a tool and method for doing business better than without. The latest tech enables us to provide a far better experience and quality of service than ever before. What we have available to us today drastically amplifies marketing, advertising, and service capabilities — there is no comparison to what we can do for our clients today compared to when I started my career. Yet, most real estate agents in our industry continue to use the tools and practices I was using when I first got in business in 2001.


Chris Lee– Chris Lee is the lead agent of Chris Lee and RustysTeam at RealtySouth in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. He is a life long resident of Tuscaloosa and a graduate of the University of Alabama. Chris was voted Realtor of the Year in 2014 by the members of the Tuscaloosa Association of Realtors. He is the 2018 President of the Tuscaloosa association of Realtors. He enjoys spending time with his wife Rebecca and their two sons, Will and Gray. His other hobbies include CrossFit, OCR Racing, traveling and spending time outdoors.


Rusty Dockery – Rusty is the sales consultant and Partner of Chris Lee and Rusty’s Team.  He is a livelong resident of Tuscaloosa and a graduate of the University of Alabama with a civil engineering degree.  He started his real estate career in 1985 and was voted Realtor of the Year in 1993 and 2006 by the Tuscaloosa Association of Realtors.  Rusty has over 45 years of sales, sales management and business experience.  He is married to his wife Vicki and they have 1 son, 2 daughters and 4 granddaughters.

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Jodie Shelby – Real estate is a second career for Jodie. She graduated from the University of Alabama and practiced nursing in the Atlanta area before moving to Tuscaloosa. Her grandmother is a successful Realtor in the Atlanta area and Jodie grew up assisting her. She is married to Michael and has two daughters, Maureen and Annie.


Garrett Law – Garrett grew up in Gardendale, AL and graduated from the University of Alabama in 2014 with a Kinesiology degree. He started his real estate career in March of 2016.  During his first year of real estate he closed over $1M in volume. He is a member of Safe Haven church and in his spare time, he enjoys running, playing basketball and watching sports.

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Anjanette Ikner– Anjanette grew up in McCalla Alabama and graduated from Brookwood High school in 2003. Niece of a top producing Real Estate agent in Birmingham, she aspired to follow in her aunt’s footsteps and began her career as a Realtor in 2018. Proudly, Anjanette is the wife, daughter and granddaughter of American Veterans. As a Realtor, she has made it her life’s mission to serve her community with honesty and dignity. Anjanette is also the mother of two beautiful daughters Haley and Makayla. She spends her spare time with friends and enjoying the great outdoors with her daughters and husband Terry.

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