Housing Updates… Where to Spend the Money

Who doesn’t love a gourmet kitchen or steam shower? These fancy amenities and setups are highly desired in any home, in any market. When choosing to spend money upgrading a home what makes more sense, replacing that old shingle roof with a metal one, or changing out the old shower with a new steam shower. One thing that potential buyers take for granted when buying a home is already expecting that the roof does not leak and that the electrical systems are in good working order. No matter how fancy your kitchen, how big your bathroom, or how spacious your living room, if the exterior of the house is not well taken care of the buyers will not be able to see past it.

Now to the good part. If your roof, siding, electrical systems, and other basic facets of your home are in good order where should you spend the money and start first? I’m glad you asked. Take a look at the article linked below from HGTV.com about which upgrades can bring the greatest resale value to a home.kitchen

Which Home Improvements Pay Off?

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