2017 Housing Design Trends

Who hasn’t tried to predict the future? Whether it be predicting the economy, gas prices, or even how your favorite team will perform this season, we have all done it. So when it comes to the interior design of your home, why not take a look at what is making a comeback, and what the “paint color of the year” is predicted to be?

For years granite has been the go to for all of your countertop upgrades. You may be surprised to learn that granite is no longer the favored material when consumers go to upgrade their kitchen. Quartz has become the new favorite of consumers in this market. Citing many factors including, durability, resistance to scratches, color variety, and resemblance of marble, quartz is now the “in” trend.


Have you ever heard the saying “history repeats itself”? Well that is also true when it comes to subway tile. Remember that faded green subway tile in your grandparents bathroom when you were a child? Well guess what? According to Realtor Magazine, subway tile is a classic, and is coming back strong in kitchens and bathroom remodels. The preferred color scheme consumers are using are lighter colors especially off whites.


Lastly, if you are considering repainting a room in your home to improve market value for the next year poised taupe is the way to go. If you are like me you are wondering what that looks like exactly. Poised taupe is best described as a brownish-gray hue color. So there you have it, your predicted color of the year for 2017.


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